How to work with the Fraunhofer CPM

How can industry and science benefit?


At present, research into programmable materials in large part requires a fundamental rethinking of the research process, since the material is no longer fitted into a system, but a system suitable for the application is integrated directly into the material.

This major challenge requires an interdisciplinary approach and all interested researchers are invited to participate in the Cluster of Excellence.

Fraunhofer Institutes can easily join and benefit from the network and communication infrastructure. The right to use cluster funding is not a prerequisite.

The advantages of cooperation with the cluster for partners and customers from industry and science are the development of freely designable, functional systems and the efficient realization of solutions in complex and interdisciplinary contexts.

The International and Interdisciplinary Programmable Materials Conference, which will take place in Berlin from April 27-29, 2020 offers a unique opportunity to work intensively on and discuss the topic with experts.


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Main topics and contacts


Programmable material permeability 
Dr. Murat Tutus, Fraunhofer IAP
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Phone + 0331 568-3211

Programmable heat transition
Dr. Susanne Lehmann-Brauns, Fraunhofer IBP
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Phone + 8024 643-622

Programmable shape changing and mechanics
Prof. Dr. Chris Eberl, Fraunhofer IWM
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Phone + 0761 5142-494

Programmable friction
Dr. Tobias Amann, Fraunhofer IWM
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Phone + 0761 5142-208

Manufacturing and upscaling
Dr. Christof Hübner, Fraunhofer ICT
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Phone +49 721 4640-458

Medardus Eckert, Fraunhofer IWU
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Product development with programmable materials
Linda Weisheit, Fraunhofer IWU
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Phone + 0351 4772-2144


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