Core institutes of the Fraunhofer Cluster of Excellence Programmable Materials

Fraunhofer IWM

Fraunhofer IWM brings its competencies to describe and model the material behavior in technical applications. Here, the inspection and modeling of the material properties combines with the qualification of the programmable (meta)materials with respect to their producibility and associated applications. Fraunhofer IWM is ideally placed at the intersection between material development, production and system development for leading the cluster of programmable materials in order to coordinate the material and technology development across institutes.


Fraunhofer IAP

For the cluster, Fraunhofer IAP contributes to the molecular understanding of programming processes in polymers and for the 2D scale-up of polymer-based foils (membranes). The core competencies that are important for the cluster are the formation and production of membranes, shape-memory polymers, programmable hydrogels and release kinetics as well as switchable polymer materials.


Fraunhofer ICT

The focus areas for research and development of the Fraunhofer ICT are procedures and products in plastics engineering, environmental technology, electrochemistry and chemical energy sources. The spectrum of material and process developments range from the chemical synthesis of organic and inorganic materials up to the adjustment developments for industrial use. The focus areas in the cluster are (electro)chemical energy source-materials, polymers and development as well as optimization of process and production technologies.


Fraunhofer IBP

Fraunhofer IBP brings to the cluster its system and market understanding with a building perspective, which concentrates on the cladding materials as well as on building technology in the context of programmable heat transfer. Here, the core competencies of IBP in the area of coupled heat and moisture transfer and the mineral building material development must be underlined.


Fraunhofer IWU

The main focus area of research of the Fraunhofer IWU is the development of modern, efficient production processes as well as the production technology required for the same. The technology range extends from machining and forming technologies to assembly and joining technologies. IWU brings its competence in the area of additive production technology and joining technology to the cluster, particularly in terms of the integration of smart materials in conventional structures, as well as its system competence in the area of Smart Structures/adaptronics.

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