Office Fraunhofer Cluster of Excellence Programmable Materials

Fraunhofer-Institute for Mechanics of Materials IWM

79108 Freiburg

Phone +49 761 5142-418



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Offices & agile managers


Wiebke Beckmann

Office consultant

Agile manager


Isabelle Dorn-Binninger

Assistant office consultant



Rebecca Reichenbach

Office consultant



Elisa Seiler

Agile manager

Cluster Management


Prof. Dr. Alexander Böker

Spokesperson Fraunhofer CPM

Institute director Fraunhofer IAP


Prof. Dr. Peter Gumbsch

Deputy Spokesperson Fraunhofer CPM

Institute director Fraunhofer IWM


Prof. Dr. Chris Eberl

Scientific coordinator Fraunhofer CPM

Deputy institute director Fraunhofer IWM


Dr. Thorsten Pretsch

Deputy scientific coordinator Fraunhofer CPM

Head of research area Fraunhofer IAP

Thematic speakers

Programmable permeability
Dr. Murat Tutus, Fraunhofer IAP
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Phone +49 331 568-3211

Programmable heat transfer
Dr. Susanne Lehmann-Brauns, Fraunhofer IBP
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Phone +49 8024 643-622

Programmable shape morphing and mechanics
Dr. Heiko Andrä, Fraunhofer ITWM
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Phone +49 631 31600-4470

Programmable friction
Dr. Tobias Amann, Fraunhofer IWM
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Phone +49 761 5142-208

Manufacturing and upscaling - polymers
Kevin Moser, Fraunhofer ICT
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Phone +49 721 4640-533

Manufacturing and upscaling - metals
Medardus Eckert, Fraunhofer IWU
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Phone +49 351 4772-2210

Product development with programmable materials
Linda Weisheit, Fraunhofer IWU
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Phone +49 351 4772-2144