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  • Through its structure, culture and mix of skills, the Fraunhofer CPM takes into account the complexity of programmed materials, the scope of their design and the wide range of manufacturing possibilities they offer.
  • The building blocks for success are self-organized and better understood work practices as well as agile cooperation. The work steps are adapted to the needs of clients in short iteration cycles.
  • The transparency of work progress and project controlling ensures that all project partners participate in the content, promoting a culture of mutual trust.

Cluster Management


Prof. Dr. Alexander Böker


Spokesperson Fraunhofer CPM

Institute director Fraunhofer IAP






Prof. Dr. Peter Gumbsch


Deputy Spokesperson Fraunhofer CPM

Institute director Fraunhofer IWM



Prof. Dr. Chris Eberl


Scientific coordinator Fraunhofer CPM

Deputy institute director Fraunhofer IWM


Dr. Thorsten Pretsch


Deputy scientific coordinator Fraunhofer CPM

Head of research area Fraunhofer IAP

Offices & agile managers


Wiebke Beckmann

Office consultant

Agile manager


Isabelle Dorn-Binninger

Assistant office consultant


Rebecca Reichenbach

Office consultant


Elisa Seiler

Agile manager

Thematic speakers


Dr. Murat Tutus


Fraunhofer IAP

Programmable permeability






Dr. Susanne Lehmann-Brauns


Fraunhofer IBP

Programmable heat transfer




Dr. Heiko Andrä


Dr. Tobias Amann


Fraunhofer IWM

Programmable friction


Medardus Eckert 


Fraunhofer IWU

Manufacturing and upscaling



Linda Weisheit