Paradigm shift in product design

The future of materials


... is the combination of logic and material. Functionalities are written directly into the structure of the material and thus replace complete systems including sensors, actuators and power supplies.

Imagine a world with more space. Where you can hardly see machines, devices or automations because they are directly integrated into materials and surfaces.

Imagine electric bicycles whose tires get more grip around curves and form spikes in winter.

Imagine clothes whose breathability increases with your physical activity and which form protective cushions in the event of a fall, or shoes which widen when you get on the bike, strengthen when you are under pressure and give you more propulsion when you run.

Imagine furniture that adapts to your body tension and thus your daily routine.

Imagine buildings whose windows automatically darken depending on the sun's rays or whose façade insulation only releases stored heat at night to prevent the living space from heating up.

Welcome to the world of programmable materials!


Fostering the Paradigm Shift in Materials Research - International Conference on Programmable Materials


Berlin, 27-29 April 2020

The conference is aimed at scientists and engineers who want to advance programmable materials with multidisciplinary contributions, who want to work on powerful tools for their realization, and who want to contribute to the paradigm shift...