Industrial workshops

Are you interested in programmable materials or in the services offered by the Fraunhofer CPM? We would like to invite you to our industrial workshops on the following topics:


  • Material development:
    • Programmable wettability, programmable adaptive and anisotropic stiffness and damping, programmable deformation, programmable friction, multi-criteria optimized programmable materials, material inherent thermal management of programmable materials, synthesis of programmable hydrogels, recyclability of programmable materials
  • Manufacturability and scalability of programmable materials:
    • 3D printing, injection molding, weaving, ...
    • Process path, test methods, quality assurance & implementation of functionality
  • Product development with programmable materials:
    • From material design to the final product
    • Software tool for decision support
    • Adaptation of workflows within production

Technical Contact Persons


Dr. Murat Tutus


Fraunhofer IAP

Programmable permeability






Dr. Susanne Lehmann-Brauns


Fraunhofer IBP

Programmable heat transfer




Dr. Heiko Andrä


Dr. Tobias Amann


Fraunhofer IWM

Programmable friction


Kevin Moser


Fraunhofer ICT

Manufacturing and upscaling


Medardus Eckert 


Fraunhofer IWU

Manufacturing and upscaling



Linda Weisheit